Run on Thin Blue Lines

Been a recent bump in orders for the Law-Enforcement “Thin Blue Line” bracelets.  Think I’ve made about a dozen in the last month alone.  I do the standard 550-cord version on a 5/8 buckle and a little version on a 3/8 buckle with the cord’s core removed, that’s not as strong when unraveled, but looks better and fits better on the dainty wrists of women and small kids.

I love to make these because I know they go to officers and families who work hard at a thankless job, where the only good days would qualify as the most boring day ever for most of us civilians. Thanks y’all – Please take care of yourselves, be wary, and know that for every idiot that gives you a hassle there are a dozen of us that cant’ thank you enough for patrolling that line that keeps us from chaos.

Get one for you or a loved one on my Etsy store – 42Solutions.




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