Making Bracelets, Keychains, and other accessories for survival and fashion out of 550 PARACORD.

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I’m the guy who always has a pocketknife, a lighter, and several other bits of survival equipment on me or in my car, at all times. I saw my first cobra-style survival bracelet in the margin ads of Facebook. Loved the idea. It offered me one more thing I could have on me always to help out in a pinch. I went to order a $29.95 bracelet and read the fine print and realized it would only fit up to size 8 1/2. I was confused 8 1/2 what? Inches? Circumference or diameter, like hats? So off I went to I find a sewing tape and measure my wrist.

I’m a big guy, at 6′ and 300 lbs, I’ll be the first to admit that I am overweight, sporting a bit of a beer belly, but most of it is pretty well hidden under 56″ shoulders. I wasn’t surprised to find my wrist was 9-1/2” tight, or 10″ with comfortable slack. WOW! GLAD I CHECKED! But that left me disappointed.

So I Googled ParaCord, and voila! D-I-Y Bracelet kits ! Well like potato chips – no one wants just one, so after some more research, a couple kindle books and a bulk cord order, I was pretty confident I could make a dozen of these things. Pretty soon my friends were begging me for them and i haven’t looked back.

That landed me here, with over 50 different colors and patterns, rubbermaid boxes of buckles, and a product I could make better than what you find in catalogs – for less. Compare my bracelets to any one from E-Bay, or other retailers and you will notice the difference. I use only 550-lb mil-spec cord, not 300 or 450 lb. cord American made 5/8 in contoured buckles that are curved to fit a round wrist, and I tuck the finished ends inside for comfort and to prevent unintentional unraveling.

These really last – Machine washable, just clip together around a belt loop


I am working hard to make bracelets available as easily as possible, until I can get a trustworthy e-commerce site operational, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or E-mail about making and shipping custom orders.

I want everyone to be satisfied with the fit and colors of their 42Solutions merchandise.  I can and will work with you to get and accurate measurement and email you actual photos and color information to ensure you get exactly what you would like.



Best way is using a flexible sewing tape measure, but if one is not handy, wrap a string or strip of paper around your wrist going over t
he protruding bone (ulnar hip) on the outside of your wrist.  Mark the string/strip and then measure it with a ruler or tape measure.
For comfort I make bracelets I make bracelets ONE INCH LARGER than that measurement.
ONE INCH LARGER than that measurement


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